Where's the news articles about hydraulic, flywheel and ultracap hybrids???

1) Ultracaps have been talked about for years for use in hybrids, but where are they???

Maxwell Technologies' website makes it sound like they're ready for OEM delivery. What's the hold up there?

Other companies:

2) NRG Dynamics (formerly Hybra-Drive), has been demo'ed in full-size pickups and vans. Will it work in cars?

3) Flybrid flywheel hybrid system:

Not sure about #1, but #2 & 3 won't degrade with usage. So you shouldn't have the hit in resale value of these hybrids because of the cost of replacing the worn out batteries and because of improvements battery technology of the newer hybrids (vs the older tech of the batteries in your used hybrid).

# 2 or 3 might be better suited to regen braking than ANY batteries (NiMH/Li ion), and thus might be used for brake regen in EVs (thus extending the life of their batteries).

Where's the regular hybridCARS' interviews, news updates, etc. promoting these *eco-friendlier* hybrid technologies???