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    Worth the price?

    I stopped by West Ashley Toyota in Charleston, SC today. I'm interested in the Camry Hybrid and wanted to just look at the sticker of one or more. Unfortunately, they didn't have any, but did have 2 Highland Hybrids. First let me say that I am not all that in love with the style of the Highlander. The Rav4 looks tougher. But anyway, what I thought was out of line was the price. $34K for a white one with no moon roof and $35 for a blue one with a moon roof. Isn't this vehicle on the same chassis as the Camry? They both seat 5. Is the the added interior space worth $4K more than the Camry's I see online at other dealers? I know it's not exactly comparing apples to apples, but the Highlander Hybrid is the Camry with worse gas mileage and just a bit more space for sticking a bike in with no passengers in the back seat.

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    I'm happy w/ mine


    I'm very happy w/ my highlander Hybrid but I don't think you should buy one
    unless you want one. Mine has tons of room inside and seats 7. Good luck
    w/ your hybrid car shopping.


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    I too debated the Camry vs the Highlander. The biggest selling point for me *against* the Camry -- with the two vehicles running practically neck and neck -- was the lack of trunk space. You really have to see it in person to judge whether it will be an issue for you and your needs.

    As for the MPG thing, check out the real world numbers people are posting -- if you're not comfortable changing your driving habits to maximize hybrid driving, it won't matter which vehicle you select and the Camry could get worse mileage than the HiHy.

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    "Camry could get worse mileage than the HiHy"
    This is very unlikely. Assuming that you drive both the same way, the Camry will get better mileage. It's a more efficient vehicle.
    That doesn't mean that a hyper-miler driving an HiHy can't beat a lead-foot's mpg in a Camry but the hyper-miler will still get better mileage in the Camry than the HiHy, as will the lead-foot.

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    Perhaps I was a bit too extreme in my comment. Perhaps "could be similar" would have been a better phrase than "worse". The main point is that MPG isn't the only thing to be looking at in the vehicle and if you can't actually see the Camry you may be disappointed by what you find if you do end up buying it sight unseen.

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    I have had a Prius since

    I have had a Prius since 2003. The hyrbid SUV's are really not the fuel efficient to spend the extra money for them. My Toyota dealer convinced me of that when I was shopping for a Highland hybrid.

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    Since I am no smart guy with

    Since I am no smart guy with math. I would like to know if it's worthwhile to spend so much more for a hybrid, with so many high MPG cars out there now. Example, Prius and chevy cruze, ford focus. How long to get pay back.

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