I recently went on vacation and left my ford escape hybrid sitting in my apartment parking lot for the past two and a half weeks. Before that it was running fine, besides an accidental case of leaving on my lights and draining the battery a few weeks before, I have never had a problem with my car starting.

This morning it was quite cold out, 28 degrees to be exact, and my car would not start. The doors won't lock or unlock with the keypad or using the switch on the inside of the door. When I put the key in initally nothing happend either. No lights came on, no radio, nothing. However I left the key sitting in the car for a few moments and the gas gauge has flipped around to about 30 degrees past the 'E' and the RPM meter is stuck between 1 and 2.

I thought prehaps it simply needed gas at first, and got a 2 gal. gas can and put gas in it.
I don't think that it is the battery because I can turn on the overhead lights in the car manually. (But they won't turn on when I open the car door or put the key in)

Any clue as to what is wrong?