// Beware Woody Anderson Ford in Huntsville
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    Beware Woody Anderson Ford in Huntsville

    My CRV is all fixed up to sell, can't afford to drive it much more without hurting the trade-in value. While I still have a Toyota Highlander ordered, the dealer is really vauge about the arrival date (sometime in the next few months??) and I can't wait much longer.

    So, while my refundable deposit continues to hold my Highlander, I went shopping online. Was originally set on the Toyota, but decided to check into Ford Escape Hybrids as a possible alterantive. I need 4WD for my work and was initially discouraged the find no 4WD models available here in Middle TN. Then I discovered that Woody Anderson Ford in Huntsville, only 90 minutes away, had more on their lot than all the dealers in Middle TN combined! So I quickly inquired about several different models. That was Wednesday Evening. After 24 hours of intense research and discussion, it's over.

    I did NOT buy. VERY unpleasant experience. They have 6-8 FEH 4WDs on the lot, more than any other dealer around, but WARNING: The prices listed on their own website, www.vehix.com, and the copious notes I kept during our phone negotiations are indeed MSRP (or at least fair), but NOT what they're actually charging. Finally, at 6PM last night, after over 10 phone calls, the salesman called to decline my final offer, saying that he was "new" and he'd "just been told" that they wanted MSRP + $1000-2000 per vehicle. He said they bought up all the FEH 4WDs from other dealers at MSRP and had to mark them up over MSRP to make a profit. So, after 8 hours of negotiations the price went UP nearly $2,000!!!! I will NEVER shop there again and can not recommend strongly enough that all sane buyers stay away.

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    Beware Woody Anderson Ford in Huntsville

    Oh yea, I almost forgot about the initial bait in their little game.

    The most loaded model in stock they priced at $32,375. BUT... they said it had been a demo and had over 2,000 miles AND had been in a wreck with over $1,400 worth of rear-end damage. Since it was the only model they had with navigation, which I really wanted, I was intruiged but cautious.

    Using the "value your trade-in" menu tool on THEIR OWN WEBSITE, I came up with a trade-in (wholesale) value on that in that condition: $24,090. So I figured $25,000 would be good lowball opening offer.

    Of course, they declined, as I expected, but their counter floored me: they wanted the FULL $32,375, period! For a used, wrecked car??

    That was the first time they fed me the "bought at another dealer for full retail" crap.. but only for that one car. They steered me towards another model and cost me a full day of negotiations and research before revealing that ALL of their cars were "bought from other dealers."

    OK, a little sleaze and dishonesty from car salesmen is to be expected. Hell, its even a little endearing, a tradition, a game. But these antics were insulting and disgusting. Don't know how they sleep at night.

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    Beware Woody Anderson Ford in Huntsville

    They are all over the Detroit area and you will find someone to sell at invoice!

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    Beware Woody Anderson Ford in Huntsville

    Dean Sellers in Birmingham, MI (Detroit) sold me mine for 1,000 under MSRP. Ask for Scott Danbert, he is the hybrid specialist. He got me one from another state (with no extra fee) in three days when my other car bit the dust.

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    Beware Woody Anderson Ford in Huntsville

    I am the General Sales Manager with Woody Anderson Ford and although I may not change anyone's mind with this response, I must proceed. We did purchase the Ford Hybrids from dealers around the country who needed to move some distressed inventory and for the reason that our Ford region would not get any for at least another 6 months. We paid over MSRP for each Hybrid purchased because of availability, and they were
    marked up over MSRP, not for profit, but to get back what we had invested in them. At this same time, dealers in Atlanta were actually marking them up $2000 or more over MSRP. I am sorry for this gentleman's perspective of the situation, but the market determines the value of the vehicle. We currently have one in stock and it is not marked up over MSRP.

    Thank you,
    Rod Roddy
    General Sales Manager
    Woody Anderson Ford

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    Beware Woody Anderson Ford in Huntsville

    Woody Anderson Ford continues to act sleasy as I try to purchase my new car. I have to say I think a drive to a different city is worth it. But aren't ALL car sales people this way? The best way to fight this is let people know when it happens > like on here and just walk away. There is always another deal ..........

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    Beware Woody Anderson Ford in Huntsville

    RB. If they are being slimy.. just walk away. Its rather simple. If you really want a certain vehicle.. go to another dealership. Even out of state. Saving thousands is worth a few extra hours plus the expense to travel to the other location. Really.. it is. Even though I live nowhere near you.. its good for customers to share their opinions and experience. An educated consumer is a wise consumer. I recently had a few dealerships try to gouge me. I went to a neighboring state and saved in excess of $2,000 on my Civic Hybrid. I'm sure someone did business with then eventually.. but it is their money and theirs to lose. Toyota wouldn't work with me on Prius pricing... so I went to a competitor and am now actually better off in the Civic.

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    Beware Woody Anderson Ford in Huntsville

    Just noticed Woody Anderson's response.

    It is the dealerships prerogative if they want to overpay for their vehicle inventory. If they did overpay and try to pass the additional expense on to the customer.. then that is their business.

    But.. in my opinion.. I think the dealership got itself into a bind if they paid MSRP, or near MSRP for new vehicles from another dealership.

    Its their inventory now and they'll need to price it accordingly to sell the inventory off. If you skip them and let them know they are overpriced. Eventually the market will force them to adjust down.

    Though there is always at least one impulse buyer who shows up on the lot and pays sticker without question. Thats who they are waiting for.

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    Beware Woody Anderson Ford in Huntsville

    They bought “distressed” inventory & paid “over MSRP”. Who buys that fib .

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    Sounds as if they bought something at the top of the sellers market price. Not much different than the housing market now and the internet bubble in 2000. Also sounds similar to ticket scalping. They buy the cars to control the market and set the higher price. Let them sit on those cars for a while. If they did pay over MSRP, they will lose there money in TN. It's not like they have the high gas prices and higher average household income like they do in California and NY.

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