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    want to change car gps,need your advice

    my boss want to set a gps navigation for my toyota camry .let me collect some i went for google search and fine a site .
    the price of the product : $408
    what do u think about it ?
    is it worthy to buy?
    the site is
    or if u knew some good sites
    please tell m
    not spam.really need help!!!

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    Cool! I love your site. Very

    Cool! I love your site. Very well done. Thanks for organizing everything to where I can find it easier. Keep up the good work! I love it! Regards Robert Michael Sofa

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    I know the trunk is smaller

    I know the trunk is smaller but I am not able to find out the actual dimensions of the trunk. Can somebody tell me how deep, wide and tall(hight) is the trunk? It would be relly appriciated. Enter Technology

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    to my knowledge, there are

    to my knowledge, there are no aftermarket gps units that are fully compatible with Hybrid Camry.
    there's a unit that has gps and excellent player for about $200 more, with usb ports, i-phone hook up, etc - but it's still not fully compatible with TCH, as in - you will lose major trip info, that is normally displayed on factory unit.
    also, some of those units require separate SD card with maps, or antenna to function.

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