// 2006 Ford Escape Hybrid Service Soon Light
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    2006 Ford Escape Hybrid Service Soon Light

    My 2006 Ford Escape Hybrid has almost 80,000 miles and the Service Soon light keeps coming on. Some days it will go with not coming on at all and other days it will come on every time I start the car. I have taken to the dealer with the light on and off and they cannot figure out...They tell me the computer says there is nothing wrong...HELP!!!! What should I do?? I do not trust my dealer.... and there is not another one within 20 to 30 minutes of me... I have had two oil changes since this has started and both times the dealership has not said one word about anything wrong when they are supposedly doing there however many points inspection during the oil change....


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    I have only had mine for a

    I have only had mine for a week or so and the same thing is happening to me. Based on other streams I have read on this topic, you should ask them if they checked the air filter on the hybrid battery, the HV battery A/C Blender door actuator motor, or the electronic throttle body. All things that I have heard of going out that some dealer's techs don't even think about looking at. I am taking mine in this week and if they come back and tell me there is nothing they can do I am going to ask them if they looked at those things.

    Good luck!

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    Did you ever figure out what

    Did you ever figure out what the problem is? My car has the same light, but no code ever comes up when it is scanned. I was told by one mechanic that it probably just means it needs a tune up, but the manual says the computer has 'detected a malfunction' and to take it to the dealer as soon as possible.

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    Greetings, The most common

    The most common reason for the little wrench light to come on is a bad blender motor (Motorcraft YH-1750) ~$20 + S&H...This thing has poorly constructed contacts, and is responsible for opening the left rear cooling door, for your Hi voltage rear batteries. NO commonly available code reader will read Ford "B" body trouble codes....Ford's special code reader will only read this fault, if the light is ON at the time, the code clears when you turn the key off...having the batteries and electronics overheat could cause bigger issues, so fixing this sooner, than later is probably a good idea...Check the associated rear air cleaner filter, there, for dirt too...very easy to check and clean or replace, so maximum air flow is possible..Best of luck to you ! Sparkie

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    I see the service soon light

    I see the service soon light might be caused by a bad blender door. Where is this door.

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    Where is the blender door.

    Where is the blender door.

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