// I don't get it...why not 55 mph?
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    I don't get it...why not 55 mph?

    Because I can see my gas mileage moving up and down, I happened to notice something when I was driving on the Turnpike the other day.

    The speed limit on the Florida Turnpike is 70mph. I was doing 70 when someone pulled up on my bumper wanting to pass me but there were cars in the left lane. Since I find this personally offensive, I slowed down a little.

    At that point, I noticed a dramatic increase in gas mileage - from 36mpg to 44mpg (and no, he didn't hit me)!

    I would not consider myself an activist but I did write to the Governor of Florida asking him why he didn't reduce the speed limits to 55 mph on all state highways. I didn't receive an answer (naturally), but it seems like such a logical thing to do because...

    1. We would instantaneously reduce gas usage

    2. The State Troopers would help to increase the size of the State Treasuries by tons of money
    simply because people would have to pay more for their tickets.

    So...I don't get it. How come has thought about this, with or without congressional approval?

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    What are you driving that

    What are you driving that the mileage changed from 36 mpg to 44 mpg? Is that reproduceable? Over how many miles did trhis change occur. If it was the instantaneous mileage reading that occurts just when you take you foot off the accelerator pedal then you are just consuming the stored potential energy of the vehicle, but that quicly dissapates and then you once again have to overcome friction, gravity and the changes in road elevation. The remarkable change in fuel consumption was a transient event. Extrapolating your position going "0" mph should give infinite fuel economy which it sort of does as the engine would be off if your not moving but that takes away from the purpose of a car.

    I also note that my time is worth a lot to me as it is to most people and driving slowly doesn't work. It really didn't do much in 1974 and it won't do much now except as you note giving the states a further excuse to solve their budget issues by handing out traffic tickets followed by your insurance company raising your rates for "bad driving", in other words a license to steal.

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    Same question was in my mind now its clear

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