// Don't use Cooper / Mastercraft Snow Tires
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    Don't use Cooper / Mastercraft Snow Tires

    I'm very sorry to have to post this.
    I've been a satisfied user of Mastercraft Glacier Grip snowtires on my Prius for three winters.
    But I just got burned by Cooper, and their "new" Glacier Grips are not usable for Prius.
    I always get 51 to 53mpg** on my summer tires (Goodyear Integrity).
    When I switch to my "winter" tires (Mastercraft Glacier Grip) I used to get around 47-48mpg.
    (not bad for aggressive snow tires).
    But a month ago, one of my Glacier Grips got damaged by a pothole.
    So I got (what I thought) were identical, new Mastercraft Glacier Grip tires.

    39mpg !!!!!!!!!! WTF????????

    So, I put my summer tires back on early, and instantly got my 51mpg back.
    I immediately contacted the dealer, then the distributor, and finally Cooper Customer Service.
    Cooper Tire Company did their best to convince me that it was all my fault:
    -I was just imagining it, and my new tires got the same mileage as the old tires
    -It was my fault for overinflating the tires by 1psi.
    -It was my fault for underinflating the tires by 1psi.
    -New tires cannot be expected to get the same mileage as worn out, bald tires.
    -I was not making a fair comparison of mileages (** see notes below).
    -I did not know what I was talking about.
    -My car must obviously be defective.

    Anyway, after weeks and repeated conversations the truth finally came out:
    Cooper is putting ABRASIVE COMPOUNDS in their snow tires to make the tire surface rougher,
    and improve traction.

    Apparently, at the expense of 25% of my fuel mileage.
    Bottom line: Cooper offers NO apology, refund, exchange, or credit for tires that produce poor mileage. If your Cooper tires cause your Prius to get below normal mileage, TOUGH!
    So now, I have a brand new set of 185-65-15 snow tires. And if I put them on my Prius, it will cost
    me over $500 in extra fuel cost over the life of the tires.
    Anybody need a set of tire-swings for the tree in their back yard?

    Caveat Emptor

    ** NOTE: All of the above mileages are quoted for the round trip Buffalo, NY to Albany and return.
    on the I-90, clean, dry pavement, in cruise control at 65 to 68MPH.

    I make this trip at least 15 times a year, and my mileage is very consistent.

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    I see. You would rather slide into a bridge abatement at 60 MPH (and 51 MPG) then have some traction? You're brilliant.

    To properly calculate MPG you need to isolate a plethora of variables. Just filling your tank, noting the mileage and then having Mum and Dad do the math for you won't cut it.

    Incredible. Imagine that! Making snow tires with an unequivocally great grip!

    Stay on your side of the road; your logic scares hell out of me.

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    What's that a near 20 percent difference in MPG between the old and new winter tires on your Prius. Astonishing. I'm not a hybrid guy at this juncture but have seen large differences in say true mud tires versus all terrains versus passenger tires. I am hunting true winter tires for the first time. Just saw a Tire Rack test and improved stopping distance in snow is very significant. 2 identical porsche cayennes one with stock mud and snow rated tires the other with a true winter tire. The winter tire in winter conditions at 30 MPH in a \\\\\\\"panic stop\\\\\\\" had the ABS equipped vehicle stop at nearly 40 percent shorter distance. that could sure save the nose of your Prius or one's life.
    What drew my attention to your post is I got to thinking that perhaps the Cooper with the abrasive compounds and perhaps a softer \\\\\\\"rubber\\\\\\\" and excellent siping more significantly altering MPG than the last winter set is a sign that the cooper mentioned is a superior winter tire? Such traction may be worth the MPG trade off IMO. Now its time to look at other reviews of the tire such as stopping and cornering in icey conditions. Most hybrids dont allow true chains and some even cables are risky. Very curious if your MPG difference is because of the tires traction and if that translates into a incredible winter tire. I have heard the new generation of winter tires are as good or better than studded winter tires of the past. abrasive compounds makes sense to me for ice. Hmmmmm
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