// Don't use Cooper / Mastercraft Snow Tires
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    Don't use Cooper / Mastercraft Snow Tires

    I'm very sorry to have to post this.
    I've been a satisfied user of Mastercraft Glacier Grip snowtires on my Prius for three winters.
    But I just got burned by Cooper, and their "new" Glacier Grips are not usable for Prius.
    I always get 51 to 53mpg** on my summer tires (Goodyear Integrity).
    When I switch to my "winter" tires (Mastercraft Glacier Grip) I used to get around 47-48mpg.
    (not bad for aggressive snow tires).
    But a month ago, one of my Glacier Grips got damaged by a pothole.
    So I got (what I thought) were identical, new Mastercraft Glacier Grip tires.

    39mpg !!!!!!!!!! WTF????????

    So, I put my summer tires back on early, and instantly got my 51mpg back.
    I immediately contacted the dealer, then the distributor, and finally Cooper Customer Service.
    Cooper Tire Company did their best to convince me that it was all my fault:
    -I was just imagining it, and my new tires got the same mileage as the old tires
    -It was my fault for overinflating the tires by 1psi.
    -It was my fault for underinflating the tires by 1psi.
    -New tires cannot be expected to get the same mileage as worn out, bald tires.
    -I was not making a fair comparison of mileages (** see notes below).
    -I did not know what I was talking about.
    -My car must obviously be defective.

    Anyway, after weeks and repeated conversations the truth finally came out:
    Cooper is putting ABRASIVE COMPOUNDS in their snow tires to make the tire surface rougher,
    and improve traction.

    Apparently, at the expense of 25% of my fuel mileage.
    Bottom line: Cooper offers NO apology, refund, exchange, or credit for tires that produce poor mileage. If your Cooper tires cause your Prius to get below normal mileage, TOUGH!
    So now, I have a brand new set of 185-65-15 snow tires. And if I put them on my Prius, it will cost
    me over $500 in extra fuel cost over the life of the tires.
    Anybody need a set of tire-swings for the tree in their back yard?

    Caveat Emptor

    ** NOTE: All of the above mileages are quoted for the round trip Buffalo, NY to Albany and return.
    on the I-90, clean, dry pavement, in cruise control at 65 to 68MPH.

    I make this trip at least 15 times a year, and my mileage is very consistent.

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    Probably changes in the

    Probably changes in the ethanol levels in your fuel. Sorry, tires can't account for that much difference. Duh.

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    Dave: 1. Did you even bother


    1. Did you even bother to read my posting?

    2. Same fuel, no change. Ethanol changes never cost me more than 3-4 mpg.

    3. Do you work for Cooper P.R. dept, or are you just a mouth breathing slug?

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    Cooper is putting ABRASIVE

    Cooper is putting ABRASIVE COMPOUNDS in their snow tires to make the tire surface rougher,
    and improve traction.Tech Follow

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    this is the most rediculous

    this is the most rediculous complaint i have heard......wahhhhhhhh. So buy some other tires for your Prius.....who cares. This was a very long well written article which makes me think you wasted even more time writing it than you did doing all your calculations.

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    The OP writes a good

    The OP writes a good article, backs it up with facts and stats, and the only 2 comments he got were from people saying it was no big deal?

    Maybe akcntrygrl has money to throw around and can experiment with different brands of tires? Sure, what's several hundred bucks out the window, right? It doesn't matter that he bought the exact smae tires he previously owned, but that the company had changed them, right? He should just flush that money away for fun.

    And Dave Evans, OP explained that he found out that they changed the composition of the rubber. That can make a big difference in MPG. And his point was that he owned the exact same brand of tire before, but that the new ones vastly underperformed the old ones.

    I for one thank the OP for this info. I am looking for snow tires, and now I will have to definitely think twice about Cooper/Mcraft.

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    Why wouldnt you want tires

    Why wouldnt you want tires that grip the road better. Your going to waste more than $500 buying new tires anyway. Enjoy the better trackion in the snow and keep the tires on your car.

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    Typical Toyota/Prius driver.

    Typical Toyota/Prius driver.

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    I have never heard of a tire

    I have never heard of a tire that grips the road "TOO WELL" to the point that they dont turn as fast as another on the road which is the only thing that would cause drag on your car and make it get worse mileage... did you get a bigger size tire? Maybe some McMudders!!! Waaaahaahaahaa!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I see. You would rather slide into a bridge abatement at 60 MPH (and 51 MPG) then have some traction? You're brilliant.

    To properly calculate MPG you need to isolate a plethora of variables. Just filling your tank, noting the mileage and then having Mum and Dad do the math for you won't cut it.

    Incredible. Imagine that! Making snow tires with an unequivocally great grip!

    Stay on your side of the road; your logic scares hell out of me.

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