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    STOP SAFELY NOW.......thanks

    STOP SAFELY NOW.......thanks for creating this P.O.S. FORD!!!! Love the look of my 06 escape but can't drive it for more than an hour...... This should be a recall because the Internet is LOADED with people writing about this!! Class action anyone?!

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    I got the STOP SAFELY NOW

    I got the STOP SAFELY NOW message on the way home from work Monday at about 4 pm. Since I was alone in a questionable part of town, I had the car towed to a Chevy dealer less than 2 miles away, where I had bought the car. They towed it to a Ford dealer Wednesday morning because the problem is in the hybrid system.

    The service department at the Ford dealership said they can't do a thing with this. All they can do is download the data from the computer and send it to engineers at Ford for analysis. That was 2 days ago, and they still don't have an answer. So I'm looking at renting a car for at least the weekend, if not next week as well, because my backup won't be available.

    The car has 102,000 miles on it, so there aren't any warranty issues. My questions are:

    1) Why is there no other way to diagnose and repair these systems? Why do dealers have to send data to Ford engineers for analysis to get repair information?

    2) If this is the ONLY way to fix a hybrid system, then why does it take so long for Ford to analyze the data and get back to the dealers? Why aren't there more people reviewing and processing this information?

    If I had known this before, I probably would not have bought the car. Between the towing and the rental car charges, I could be out $500 before repairs even begin!

    If anyone has an explanation, I'd appreciate it. I called Ford customer service and they couldn't tell me anything.

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    About 100 miles into a 180

    About 100 miles into a 180 mile trip, I got this same "Stop safely now" message. So I stopped. We couldn't find much info in the owners manual, so I restarted the vehicle. It seemed to be running OK, so I continued on, this time keeping the speed down at 55mph. We stopped into a nearby Ford dealer, and they ran a diagnostic check. The code they found pointed to the MEC pump mentioned in an earlier post. They said that the pump was failing intermittently. We chose NOT to have it replaced at the time, and continued our trip without incident. I kept my highway speeds to 55-60mph, hoping that would put less stress on the hybrid drive / battery.

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