I have a 2007 Ford Escape hybrid with 48900 miles. Went on a road trip and got about 30 miles away from my almost 400 mile destination and received the Stop Safely Now. Stopped the vehicle and restarted a few times and made it to our destination. It sat overnight and the rest of the time at my destination I had no problems. I changed the air filter for the battery cooling system and headed back home. 300 miles into my return trip I again received the Stop Safely Now. I would stop for a while restart the vehicle and would make it for a little while and get the Stop Safely Now again.
It seemed when I put the rear windows down and air was flowing through the car that I would not get the stop safely now. Coincidental?

As a side note Ford bought back our 2005 FEH because they couldnt fix it with the same Stop Safely Now error. I feel like and idiot.