// Independent Hybrid Auto Repair Shop in Philly
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    Independent Hybrid Auto Repair Shop in Philly

    My husband and I just opened up h3 hybrids in Philadelphia. An independent hybrid auto repair shop. So now you can buy a hybrid and not worry about always having to pay dealer prices for repairs.

    h3 hybrids
    hybrid repairs ~ hybrid sales ~ hybrid recycled batteries ~ solar recharge ~ 100 mile per gallon car
    address: 1221 Frankford Avenue
    Philadelphia, PA 19125
    T: 267-455-0023
    F: 267-284-0604
    [email protected]

    Sorry for the spamming I guess, but I'm trying to get the word out, as we are a small business just starting out.

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    Great info. thanks.... any

    Great info. thanks.... any hybrid Auto Repair shop need to be announced as they are not many, and the ones in business have to know hybrids to work in the industry...

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    It's a scam. H3 is an escort

    It's a scam. H3 is an escort business.

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