About a year after purchasing my 05 Prius NEW, a noticed the AM radio reception had gotten suddenly terrible; and it has gone downhill from there to the point it is intolerable. We live in rural area and the problem is not as noticeable when in suburbia or the city; However, I have no similar experiences with any other vehicle. In fact, my 1987 Mazda p/u truck w/250K miles gets perfect reception in same locale. It seems to get worse when accelerating or when braking and it is okay while sitting in car w/only ignition on.
The dealer blows me off since the problem is not evident while in the part of town where they are.
I am certain there is something wrong, like an open/exposed wire or bad connection, but am now asking anyone out there if you have a clue to shed light on this worsening problem. It becomes more and more difficult to tolerate when playoff time comes and I cannot listen in the car. HELP PLEASE!!!!