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    2007 Highlander Hybrid auxillary battery failures

    My car is on its fourth auxillary battery at 13,000 miles. The dealer says my batteries keep failing because I don't drive my car enough to keep it charged (10 to 15 miles every two days). I find this excuse to be ridiculous. If we have to drive our cars every day to keep the battery from dying, then how do we go on a two-week business trip or vacation? If the dealer is correct, wouldn't that mean the dealer has to drive every single hybrid car on his lot every single day before he sells it? And that would mean that every single hybrid car would already have several miles on the odometer at the time its sold as new? I suspect my car is a lemon and my dealer is acting like a used-car salesman. What do you think? Please contact me and let me know about your experiences with your auxillary battery and what you think about my dealer's reasoning. Thanks.

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    I have a 2007 Highlander

    I have a 2007 Highlander Hybrid with 51,000 miles. Clearly, I drive mine a LOT more ..... BUT I also leave it parked for one or more weeks at a time .... and I've NEVER had an aux battery failure. My guess is there's something amiss with the charging mechanism.

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    My father has an 07 Prius

    My father has an 07 Prius with less than 4,000 miles on it and has had no trouble at all. He drives it far less often than you and only very short trips.

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    I have a Toyota Highlander

    I have a Toyota Highlander hybrid 07 that I recived in a business and I dont know how to charge it.(the rear seat battery).
    help me thanks

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    i think you must change your

    i think you must change your highlander with the new one

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    l am using same car, the

    l am using same car, the system is self charging so get the dealer to check your charging system

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    From other forums I have

    From other forums I have read... Replace the battery with another brand. Do not buy the Toyota brand.

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    We bought our 2007

    We bought our 2007 highlander hybrid new and have 129,000 miles on it. Never a problem and the hybrid batteries are still original. We service the car at proper intervals and it has served us very well.
    We love it.

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    The hybrid batteries charge

    The hybrid batteries charge themselves.

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