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    Volkswagen Jetta?

    Hi All,

    Is the Volkswagen Jetta a good car? I heard that after 1995 they became lemons-is this true? I really love these cars, and would like to consider buying one next year, but a relatively problem-free car is of great importance to me!

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    I'm sure you'll get lots of

    I'm sure you'll get lots of people that will give VW a bad rap. From my understanding the early Mk4 cars (beginning around 1999) had some electrical issues, and the gasoline 1.8T engine from that time frame also had some issues. But those bugs have been worked out, and 1.8T replaced with a newer engine. I'd say the cars are pretty solid. And the TDI models are great, fun to drive and as fuel efficient as most hybrids (I've got an 03 Golf TDI, 5spd manual). The dealerships might be hit and miss as far as customer service, but VW isn't exclusive on this issue by any means.

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    It surprises me that the VW

    It surprises me that the VW diesel's are getting so negative review. Here in Europe these cars - spaceous and medium size as like - with new hightech commonrail diesels are extremely popular. I therefore do not know why US is so reluctant in using these cars. They are also easy to tune up at least 30% if required.
    In normal driving situations they have also prooved to be at least as efficient as the much praised Prius. As an example I myself have a Honda CR-V 2007 w/2.2l diesel (140hp/350Nm ) and have measured a highway consumption of 50mpg!! Beat that, Prius. And I even have a trailer hook!
    I have also driven a VW Passat Estate measuring a highway consuption down to 56 mpg.
    There are few problems related to the VW nowadays, so I would not hesitate to recommend one. (PS. I'm Norwegian, not German! :-))

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