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    1. I am considering becoming an "early adopter" of a plug in hybrid/electric vehicle sometime in 2012.

    2. Assuming a range of 35 miles on electric power only, it would appear there will be a need for the gasoline motor to "crank up" and recharge the battery on a periodic basis. Granted, an electric charge would be done on a regular basis.

    3. My question is simply this-- the fuel in the fuel tank could sit there for an extended period of time, perhaps months. How would I know that the gasoine in the fuel tank is still "good" or has gone "bad"?? A direct reply to my e-mail account at [email protected] is appreciated, or a post to this forum. Bill Thompson.

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    I often go for several

    I often go for several months without driving my MG and, while I have to keep the battery plugged in to a battery keeper, the gasoline in the car is over a year old and it runs fine.
    If this is really a problem, the engine control computer in a PHEV could keep track of the time the fuel is in the tank and elect to run the ICE when not necessary if it has been in for too long.
    I can't see this as being a serious problem.

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    Military and still without a

    Military and still without a brain now huh? Shame. Please go AWOL as our country's military doesn't need your current line of thinking...not one bit. If you buy into the Hybrid scam you aren't fit to be near a firearm or wear the uniform. This planet cannot be long-term harmed by man - period -- WAIT -- double period. So a river or a lake gets poisoned temporarily...it happens. Temporarily. So the air gets smoggy temporarily...it happens. Temporarily. That was a fact 30 years ago in the US and is now a fallacy today. Simple, easy, common sense rules keep man's intrusion at a balanced state. Namely, if you run a coal plant - how 'bout a little filter unit on the smokestack. If you have a mining operation - how 'bout a little detoxifying of the run off.

    Long term, Old Mother Earth always wins, so don't worry about her. She'll kill every human before the bread and butter of life get anywhere near harmed. Right now it's about overly narcissistic ego-maniacal idiots thinking a different car makes a bit of difference. I'm glad you care about potential side effects of your actions. Please open your mind and realize you couldn't kill this planet if the whole world got together and tried. This is a fact. This planet will kill us before that simply because changes in nature are "natural" and our survival has nothing to do with environmentalism.

    Driving a little overpriced death trap car doesn't do anything except prove you are uneducated about reality, as well as stupid for putting yourself into a car that will be DEVASTATED in a collision *FACT* and you still do not actually make Old Mother care one bit or the other. No insult intended as I am sure your heart is in the right place, but the right place is in charity work, not protecting the meanest bitch on the planet that we all love....miss mother earth. She only needs not to be completely disrespected as the 3rd world countries do (and we did many decades ago). Other than that...she's fine (and will kill us all should the whim come up because that's how nature works).

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