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    I have a 2003 Civic hybrid,

    I have a 2003 Civic hybrid, the IMA light came on. On the way to the dealer, the engine light came on. The dealer diagnosed it as needing IMA battery replacement. Our dealer said our 2003 car is not covered (104k mileage, NY state). Called American Honda, they said it's not covered based on the VIN #. But several postings I've read so far said it should be covered, including one dealer who said it should be covered but he'd look into it. Where can I find this 10yr/150k warranty? I did find the write-up in the AM Honda website under "frequently asked questions ~ faq on Honda Hybrid" but the dealer argues that this is for 2010. However, the "faq" did not specifically say the warranty is for 2010. Do I have a chance of getting the warranty. I thing $4000 to get a battery replacement on a $6000 book value of a car is outrageous, considering the battery only cost $1200 to manufacture. Any suggestions/recommendations on what should do at this point?

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    Can I repair my Battery

    Can I repair my Battery rather than replace it - 2005 Honda Civic hybrid

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    Face it, folks. There's a

    Face it, folks. There's a profound problem here that Honda needs to own, OR they should face the same level of public humiliation that Toyota just went through. All owners with premature failure should be entitled to a free replacement, WITH identical, long-term warranty coverage of the improperly designed battery/motor system. Don't accept watered-down solutions; this is a huge problem that Honda has been covering up, and we need to insist that they make owners completely whole financially and with respect to the safe and reliable functioning of their HCHs...

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    My 2004 honda civic battery

    My 2004 honda civic battery just died. i have 180,000 miles. Both the dealer and honda informed me that i would have to pay the $3,330 to have repaired. Has anyone considered a class action law suit. If so, i would be interested.

    I was clearly informed that the battery would be good for the life of the car. Not that after x amount of miles or years that the battery would need to be replaced. I clearly would not have paid an extra 5,000 grand for a hybrid, plus an extra 3,300 for replacement battery.

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    I live in NJ and I took my

    I live in NJ and I took my '03' Honda Hybrid in for oil change $54 and Transmission fluid exchange $250 2 wks ago. Last week IMA and battery lights came on and the car wouldn't re-charge. Honda dealer states the replacement will be $2700. I bought the car used and had it less than a year!! I called American Honda and was told the car is over battery replacement warranty based on mileage and not the year. I was referred to a case manager and hopefully they will be willing to at least pay half. Aargh!!! is it possible to still drive this car without the IMA Battery charge?

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    Just dropped of my 2006

    Just dropped of my 2006 civic hybrid at the dealer for the 30K check and was told there is a recall on the IMA software. They are going to reprogram the IMA. This is the second reprogram of the IMA system, the last was done in November. The car has been painfully slow on acceleration since the last "Reprogram". Hope this helps with athat issue. I consistanly get 44 MPG no matter how I drive right now.

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    My 2007 warranty is 80,000

    My 2007 warranty is 80,000 miles or 3 years.

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    This is the exact same thing

    This is the exact same thing that is happening to me, except I"m in CA. Wondering if you've gotten this resolved yet, and what the outcome was?
    thanks in advance!

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    Ron, I have a sold new in fl

    Ron, I have a sold new in fl 03 hch, its a cvt and has a ulev sticker on the dr side rear door, Now at 105k so no warranty here, If a buyer from a Green state buys it and regs it in lets say VT or CA does he/she have any warranty?, Thanks Robbie

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    Hello, i have a 2006 honda

    Hello, i have a 2006 honda civic hybrid and the IMA Battery has failed, i need to repair it or change it, I would appreciate if i can get more information. thank you

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