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    2005 Honda Civic Hybrid 90K

    2005 Honda Civic Hybrid 90K just found out that the IMS battery is bad. Luckily under warranty. They also said the transmission mount is cracked ($395) and the auto-transmission is chrirping a little and needs a ($195) fluid change . Does this sound practical ? or sketchy ?

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    so as I read all this i

    so as I read all this i understood that all HCH 's are on warrenty for an ima battery for 10yrs/150.000 in california. no matter of what year or PZEV or any other s IS IT STILL COVERED BY THAT IMA BATTERY OF 10 YRS/150.000 . please HELP . thanks

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    My2005 HAH at 91K IMA

    My2005 HAH at 91K IMA light came on and I went to delar and he told that it is out of warrenty,the new IMA battery cost would be $2700. So please help me the warrenty period of Honda accord Hybrid, and cheap IMA battery

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    Replaced OEM hybrid battery

    Replaced OEM hybrid battery in my 2003 Civic in February 2011. I drive the car pretty hard...since then have about 44K on replacement battery.

    This week CEL and IMA indicator came on. Took to local dealer in Asheville NC today, was told needed to replace battery. I know I've slept since then, but when they replaced it 20 months ago they didn't mention "refurbished" or 36K warranty.

    Doing a quick calculation using price of gasoline and price of replacement batteries every 40K miles or so, it looks like the cost of operation is equivalent to about 22 MPG. Your mileage may vary lol.

    That said, dealer is talking to Honda to see how they can help. We'll see how it comes out.

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    Hi, I saw that you have an

    Hi, I saw that you have an alternative to the $3500 to replace an IMA battery for a 2006 Honda Accord? Ours just went out & we are considering a trade-in. Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

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    Dear Sir, Please note that

    Dear Sir,

    Please note that the above car was imported to Colombo, Sri Lanka from the UK. The car was serviced in the UK by Yeomans Honda as per the records received. Once the car was brought here, it was serviced by the local dealer of Honda, Stafford Motors, Colombo.
    Currently my mileage reads as 27460 km and about a month ago, I replaced the 12V battery.
    Now perhaps when the car is driven and SOC reaches 2 bars, IMA light comes on. The moment the vehicle is stopped and restarted the light goes off.
    It has the fuel economy as usual and IMA battery charges and discharges normally.
    The vehicle was taken to the dealer and it was tested. Stafford/Colombo recommends for replacement of IMA battery.
    I am so surprised as just 2 years old vehicle with 27460km needs a replacement of IMA battery.
    However I am yet using the car with no issue and the light does not appear always.
    Could you please advise with your comments.
    Also please advise whether IMA warranty is covered internationally.
    Your comments would be greatly appreciated as now many vehicles are imported to Colombo from the UK.

    Thanks & Best Regards………..

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    Hybrid Battery Repair

    Quote Originally Posted by Hybrid-Battery-Repair.com View Post

    Your battery can be repaired for a reasonable price. Please contact me if you'd like more information.
    I have a 2006 Honda Accord Hybrid.

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    thank you

    I also have this problem (2007 civic hybrid). car has been sluggish, sometimes car shuts down at stops, panel flickers when turned on- and steering becomes rigid and clunky, and finally the car wouldn't turn on- just front panel flickers... but it still jumps. replaced starter battery- worked for a while. and this it did it again. brought it into the dealership- said IMA battery- $3000.... \"any other options?\" - \"no\".

    I found this thread- and it saved me that $3000. but working with the dealership was a hassle. I called the dealership \"this is not covered under warranty\", I called Honda - it is covered. after about 4-5 calls back and forth- it's 100% covered, it'll take a week.

    The deal, as I understand it, is that honda struck a deal with certain states (I'm in CT): car company gets some kind of write-off for these clean air cars (AT-PZEV), but the car company has to add an extra guarantee for these cars.... so on top of the manufacturer warranty- there's an extra one- for 11 years/160k miles... and this covers the IMA battery as well

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    My 2007 Civic Hybrid battery finally failed 2 weeks ago at 131,000 and 9 1/2 months. I live in CT and was super happy knowing my warranty was almost up and the battery was showing signs of failure. Up until this point been relatively happy with the vehicle other than poor power when in regen mode since the software update several years ago.

    No problems at the local Honda Dealer. they ordered the replacement pack and fitted it in within a week. Car performed almost like new the next day. Today the IMA light came back on. Drove it back to Dealer tonight and car stalled twice. when on the phone with service he sounded very surprised. Not sure what is up but will find out more tomorrow when they bring it in to check.

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