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    The Dealer's mechanic was

    The Dealer's mechanic was evidently able to shut off the IMA light when I went in yesterday and go the bad news that my hybrid battery was deteriorating. The engine malfunction indicator didn't shut off, or at least did not stay off. As I just posted previously, the price they want to fix it is a steep 4200. And from one they told me I may not be able to drive and ignore it for any length of time. But that said....50 miles and a commute to work and back later, and both lights are now off. What's up? I would feel guilty about running off to some other car lot and trying to now trade it like nothing was wrong. How good are the diagnostics the dealer did? Could it have been a loose something? They were so quick to say it would cost so much to fix. And they have you over a barrel. Who can I bring it to that I can trust? I live in Orlando Florida.

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    To get the IMA light to go

    To get the IMA light to go off, the dealer likely reset the computer. I am sure they have a diagnostic tool that can do it quickly, but you can also reset the computer by disconnecting the regular battery for 30 minutes.

    I traded a 2004 HCH in on my 2009 HCH. The 2004 gave me a problem free 145k miles, with an average of 44 mpg. My original plan was to drive the 2004 into the ground, and when/if the battery goes, get it repaired vs replaced. I'd recommend doing that before plopping down $4200 at the dealer for a car that's value isnt worth it. I've seen repairs ranging around 1200-1800 bucks with shipping, which I think is reasonable. Check out Hybrid

    BTW, my 2009's IMA battery was toast when I bought it. Luckily it was still under the factory 3/36 warranty and the local dealer replaced it without hesitation. It's like a brand new car now.

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    I attempted to contact you

    I attempted to contact you at and got a 403 "forbidden" code.
    How do I contact you?

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    Hi, i have a 2005 honda

    Hi, i have a 2005 honda civic hybrid and my battery needs to be replaced or repaired, can you give me information how can i get my honda fixed or how can i contact to those people?
    Thank you.

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    Hi, can you give me

    Hi, can you give me information how to get my Honda civic hybrid's battery fixed. thank you in advance

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    We had our IMA battery die

    We had our IMA battery die this weekend on our 2010 HCH. Its still covered under the 3/36000 factory warranty but my gut is telling me I should get rid of the car. Anyone know anything about the class action suit against Honda for this issue? Should I buy hondacare? trade the car in? any ideas or advice welcome!

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    I live in MA and have a 2006

    I live in MA and have a 2006 Honda civic hybrid. Can I get it replaced for less than 4000.00?

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    Trying to see if I can fix

    Trying to see if I can fix cvt juddering on 2005 civic hybrid by burnishing believe there is kit mechanic only apply to answer please I know about the crap honda s doing don't have time I want to fix it and move on car has 35000 miles trying to help someone out .

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    I have A 2002 Honda Insight,

    I have A 2002 Honda Insight, The battery is failing. It was replaced by Swope Honda under waranty in 2008. I am going to haft to replace it or have it repaired.

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    Got letter re. recall for

    Got letter re. recall for ECM software update on my 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid. Honda said they could not find update and that it probably did not apply to my car. Engine and IMA light came on the day before I brought car in. They said it was a "code P1449- IMA software mismatch - system malfunction"
    and they "cleared DTC and performed software update for IMA battery and IMA motor" plus something about "cleared DTC S and charged IMA battery. No DTC S". Lights for engine and IMA lights came on 5 days after car update was done. Brought car back to Honda and was just told I need a new IMA battery. Battery has been charging fine. Always at least 65% and to 95%. They say it's charging, but charge may not be holding. The estimated cost for new battery is $2800 plus labor. Can I get a new battery replaced for less and if so, where?? By the way, mileage 131,000.

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