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    This happened to me! I was

    This happened to me! I was driving though the middle of an intersection when all of the sudden- car cuts off.
    I had the car battery replaced 3 months prior and it didn't make any sounds or act weird-- it just CUT OFF in the middle of a highway intersection.. nissan told me it was because my key battery was dead and there for the car didn't recognize a key

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    I'd like to shove these

    I'd like to shove these aggravating "safety features" up some engineer's keyhole. I dread the day I can't buy an old car where I can think for myself.

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    I second that! I rented a

    I second that! I rented a Nissan on vacation & never had been exposed to this "starter button" concept, other than from my father who was born in 1916. He told me about the antiquated way cars used to run in his day. Nor did I receive any instructions from the rental car company. I figured out that I had to press the start button (and, of course, have my foot on the brake GOD FORBID) to start the car. But, in its infinite wisdom, the car allowed me to park UNDER OUR RENTED CONDO, pull out the key and lock the doors, go up to the condo, take a 2 1/2 hour nap only to come down to take a ride on our rented bikes find the car still running! GIVE ME THE KEYS AND CONTROL OF THE CAR.

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    please please please , how

    please please please , how to use my iron key. wherer is the whole to enter the key. the key which is inside the smart key???????????

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    I have a 2009 Altima and I

    I have a 2009 Altima and I love the car but I have a few questions to see if anyone else is having the same problems.... I use the button on the door 98% of the time. But when I hit the button and open the back door to put my son in I would put my purse in the back and put him in his carseat and would shut the door and the car would lock back up. lucky for me I was still home so I had the extra key inside. I do not understand why it would lock back up after a door has been opened. Also I have a rattling noise coming from underneath the car that happens when I go right and go up hills...The shitty dealership I go to said they can NOT duplicate the noise. Which is odd seeing I hear about 5x 10s a day. And third my trunk has been leaking since we bought the car but the lovely dealership said that all the seals are fine on it. Yet everytime it rains I have a flood in my trunk....

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    I came home shut down my

    I came home shut down my altima/hybrid like always and was told by my son a while later that my headlights were still on. I tried everything possible to get them off, to no avail. Next morning, dead battery. Locked in Park position, trunk won't open to get jumper cables. Is this NORMAL? First time since I bought it in 09 had any trouble whatsoever. Anybody have similar problem?

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    I have a 2009 Nissan Altima

    I have a 2009 Nissan Altima hybrid. I bought the car used over a year ago. I was having trouble with getting the car started assuming that the battery on the key fob was low and dying. So I inserted my Mechanical key into the slot indicated and after a few stubborn attempts got the car started. When I got to my destination I tried to remove the key from the slot but could not...its either stuck or I am missing something. Is there a process to remove it without having to go to a Nissan mechanic to help me?

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    My key will not work anymore

    My key will not work anymore for locking the doors, opening the trunck etc...
    Does anyone know if this can be reprogramed, taken apart and fixed?

    Anyone with experience on this?

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    I have nissan altima 2009,

    I have nissan altima 2009, my car has use the remote and bottom for starting. I changed my car's battry. I don't know why but now my car changed system and security's car wants intelegent key. how can I reprograming my car to the key less system for starting??

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