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    I just had the same thing

    I just had the same thing happen to my 09 prius w/45000 miles. I also have the extended warrant and they are fixing it and paying for the tow. I am very satisfied with the service I have received from my dealership.

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    I had my electric inverter

    I had my electric inverter water pump replaced last year on my 2005 Prius. The dealer at my last oil check told me my gas engine water pump is now leaking . The extended warranty I purchased just ran out after 7 years. Total mileage on my Prius is only 40800 miles!! Seems kind of early for this to be happening. Not so thrilled about my Prius anymore.

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    My 2008 Prius required a water pump change as well at 90,000 miles. It was noticed leaking when I took it in for the safety recall work. Dealer quoted a price of $560.00 to replace it! After looking online I decided to change it myself. It took less than 2 hours and I had no bruised knuckles. This is a simple fix so do not let a dealer soak you for over $450-500. Here is a link for fixing the problem yourself. This is the water pump that has a belt on it, not the electric recalled pump. There is a hole in the round metal cover that looks like a wheel that you can put a screwdriver through to hold that cover plate stationary while you remove the 3 screws that hold it on. I am a back yard mechanic but this is not a problem to tackle. Out of 10 stars of difficulty i would give this a 4. Good Luck! The video is for a 2006 but the 2008 is exactly the same. The pump costs a bout $40 anywhere and make sure you use the pink coolant required for Asian vehicles. I got mine at O'Reilleys auto parts. $15.00 for the coolant.www.youtube.com/watch?v=IphV2r3hkKc‎
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    The Toyota Prius has two water pumps. One for the gas motor and the other for the electric. They do not tell you about the second one and it is not part of the preventative. They just wait until it goes out and then you are stuck in the middle of no place. Mine went out at 90,000 miles. Just a week after I had the other one replaced with the timeing belt. It cost me $500 to get it replaced. All my idiot lights came on and I lost my air conditioning and the car started surging. So watch out and hey just get both of them replaced at once because the dealer will not tell you about it.
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