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    More low gas mileage stuff

    I have a 2007 Honda Hybrid Civic. The first couple of years of driving, I had gas mileage that averaged 40-45 mpg. Starting with this last winter, the gas mileage dropped by 8 to 10 mpg. I avoid ethanol additive gas (when I know that it is ethanol). I have also bought higher octane fuel, but still the mileage is much lower now than 2008. Why? Or, what should I do to help?

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    There is summer blend and

    There is summer blend and winter blend gasoline
    Summer blend is ALWAYS better for gas mileage

    High-octane fuel WILL NOT help if the engine wasn't designed for regular only. It won't HURT, but it won't help, either.

    Your mileage should've gone back up by now since summer is in again


    This is the Accord hybrid forum, not the Civic forum

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