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    Plug-in Hybrids

    Much of our daily driving is less than 40 to 50 miles. Why is there not a big rush to add plug in capability to the Hybrids coming along? This would eliminate smog in our cities and dependence on foreign oil.

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    Plug-in Hybrids


    There are others like conservatives, liberals, ecologists, economists, scientists, engineers, etc who also share your ideas. Plug-in just plain makes sense.

    Unfortunately, Internal Combustion car companies hate the idea because plug-in cars will obsolete most of their company.

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    GM employees hate the idea

    GM employees hate the idea because the are getting laid off in Janesville WI. as the stop building SUVs and Trucks there. GM employees in Canada are also getting laid off. That is progress!!!

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    GM employees are getting

    GM employees are getting laid off because people quit buying what GM was willing to sell them. If they had maintained a line of fuel efficient EVs or Hybrids, they could simply retool the SUV and Truck lines as people's desires changed. Now, the least paid employees get to suffer for the stupidity of GM's management.
    I hate to say it but "I told them so".

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    Good to see that plug-in

    Good to see that plug-in hybrids are becoming a topic of relevance.

    We have unveilled the prototype of the plug-in hybrid fiat 500 swisscleandrive November 4th 2009 in Zurich. Now we are preparing for serial production. The plug-in hybrid combines the advantages of both, thermic and electric propulsion and makes an electric car, that will always have enough "juice" to get to the next charging station. You will feel like always, just better. More torque, more horsepowers through the combination of the two parallel engines. Zero emission and 100% electric on your everyday drives to work, school, shops, sports, theatre. 4x4 in the mountains. On the highway and for longer distances you will make use of the freedoms of the combustion engine in the same car, that starts up and synchronizes automatically whenn needed and shuts off silently when uncalled-for.

    Visit our website on http://www.swisscleandrive.com/en and get all the infos and even a reservation form.

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