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    i was in a 2007 camry hybrid

    i was in a 2007 camry hybrid taxi in vancouver bc recently. It had done 625,000km (387,500miles). Driver told me they had replaced the inverter but battery was original.

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    I Bought a 2009 Toyota Camry

    I Bought a 2009 Toyota Camry Hybrid in March 2008 and 55 mos later and 93,000 miles this is the best veh i have ever owned the maintenance is Oil Changes which came with the car free for life and tires im due for my 3rd set I absolutely love this car. Oh and by the way compared to the same model year in a 4cyl no comparison feels like a sports car compared to the 4 cyl.

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    I purchased my 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid back in 2006 when they just came on a market. Actually, I had to wait for the car about 5 weeks as this car was built in Japan. This is the MOST reliable car I have ever driven and after 8 years, I hit 100k miles, primarily servicing my TARCHALA IBS web business. After 8 years, I still average about 36/37 mpg in mixed driving. Batteries are great. Toyota Synergy Hybrid system is the best on a market. Highly recommended.

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