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    I think there are a lot of

    I think there are a lot of people posting on here that need to realise that they have access to the internet.... lol

    Many many posts all throughout about the reliability of the HV Batteries in Toyota Hybrids.

    In Australia, there are 35,000 Hybrids on the roads since 2001 when first introduced - over these less than 25 have had the High Voltage batteries replaced due to wear and tear (some others through accidents, not being maintained etc) but of these 25, every single one has had over 380,000klms (230,000miles) on the clock - and generally replaced for less than $3500 fitted.

    It is a non event. People are and always have been buying Toyota for good quality and reliability, Toyota Hybrids are no different.

    4 Million people can't be wrong right?

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    your mech is 2 things: 1.

    your mech is 2 things:
    1. he's not your friend
    2. he does not have a clue about what he's talking. HYbrid systems are warranted, including battery, for 100 000 miles, and for 150 000 in CARB states.
    Long term use of same batteries in taxi cabs = Priii, shows that they mostly run immeculately, well into 300 000 miles, with only 10% performance reducation

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    I bought a new 2007 Camry

    I bought a new 2007 Camry Hybrid just over 5 years ago. It is a very nice car and the Hybrid battery is warranted for 8 years or 100,000 miles/first. The A/C runs off the 240 volt hybrid battery which is a plus. No A/C belt to stretch, etc.
    The mechanic who said you have to replace the hybrid battery every 4 or 5 years is wrong. Some of the hybrids have run 200,000 to 300.000 miles on the same battery.
    My fuel cost for the first 50K miles is 7.98 cents per mile.

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    I own a 2009 Camry Hybrid

    I own a 2009 Camry Hybrid (fully loaded) and have almost 50K miles on it in 3.5 years. The regular battery just died and cost me a little over $400. The dealership said it's got a heat sensor or some such thing so you can't just go down the road and buy an after market battery. I do fret the day the Hybrid battery pack needs replacement as from what I can find it's going to cost $4-5k to replace. Getting 35-36 MPG regularly, but very cold or very hot weather drops me down a couple of MPG - I figured it was the functioning of the batteries at those temps. I found out I need to keep a good battery in the key fob or it starts acting up. Also see your manual about using the emergency key as it is needed when your main battery goes out to move the shifter out of Park to Neutral and we had to jump the car to get the steering wheel unlocked to even tow it to the dealership. However, overall like the car very much, just hope the price comes down by the time I need to replace the Hybrid batteries!

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    hi, I am from toronto, I bought my first used camry hybrid 2007 model when it has 34000kms, I am very much impressed with its gas mileage and comfort driving. I bought yet another 2007 model camry hybrid for my wife when it has 110000kms, I bought my second car after had a plenty of research, also browsed an official toyota canada website - I was very much convinced with content on toyota.ca website - Hybrid Myths section,

    where it says below.

    "Hybrid batteries need to be replaced"

    Hybrid batteries are designed to last the life of the vehicle. Backed by an 8 year, 160,000km warranty, hybrid taxi's have gone well over half a million km's on the original battery. The fact of the matter is 99% of the hybrid vehicles we have sold since 2001 have never had their original battery replaced.

    "Hybrid performance doesn't last long"

    Taxi fleets in Vancouver and Winnipeg have been using hybrids for over a decade logging millions of kms, many with over 550,000km.

    above content on toyota.ca was prime reason to buy my second camry hybrid.

    Today my engine light came up with " Check Hybrid System" message, took to deal and it was found that hybrid battery needs to be replaced and it costs $4350 - I am shocked to hear such a huge expense, its very unfortunate that I have 171300 clicks on my odometer, just little over the warrantee expired - this is a SIN. Yes I agree that toyota gives warrantee for 8yrs or 160000kms but why do they need to claim false information on website with words like " designed to last its life time" , run million kilometres, taxi fleets run 500000kms etc. which certainly influence in decision making to buy the car.

    I called toyota canada to explain my problem with intention they could help a loyal customer like me who owns 2 cars and on my recommendation 2 of my other friends bought cars, yet another friend thinking buy 2012 model camry. But customer rep was so arrogant that she don't even want to transfer to supervisor or manager to talk further - this is also first time experience I had every customer rep on request they always transfer to their supervisor to talk further.

    I never in my life buy any TOYOTA make vehicle though I love the cars when there is poor customer service it pains to loose my hard earned money.


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    I have a 2007 Camry Hybrid

    I have a 2007 Camry Hybrid with 93,000 miles with fresh oil and a new air filter. Plugs were changed at 60K. I have always changed oil at 5000 and run only synthetic. I have newer condition tires and inflate to 36psi to keep mileage higher. I really drive it easy and I have enjoyed 34 - 36 until recently. Lately the mileage has dropped to an average of 26-30 MPG. I tried several times running a high end fuel system cleaner through the tank and noticed that the mileage seems to jump back up for that tankful and then quickly degrades on the next tank. Before I take it to the dealer and have them charge me to pull and replace injectors or something, I wanted to get peoples thoughts. Ideas?

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    I've had my 2007 Camry

    I've had my 2007 Camry hybrid for a little more than 6 years and I've NEVER had a problem. It's the best car I've ever owned. I only have 33K miles on it. However, thinking ahead, I'm considering selling it now before I'm close to the 8 year cut off on the battery. I love getting over 35mpg. Summers in Texas do cut it down nearer 30.
    I'll NEVER buy anything but a hybrid again, and I've had only minor problems (fuse, bulb) with last 4 vehicles - all Toyotas.

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    You may need to start using

    You may need to start using a top tier gas from the top tier web site. It list brands of oil companies that puts near twice the additives in their gasoline's. The other stations use the governments recommended base limit of additives which may not be enough to keep your injectors and valves clean.

    Open the page toptiergas.com/ and play the video. Then click the link Retailers at the top or bottom of the page and choose a quality brand of gas. At times you can fine a top tier station near a discount or mom and pop station. The top tier station will try to keep his prices near the discounters.

    You can buy a bottle of techron from a auto store to speed up cleaning your engine. Pour it in at the station, then fill the tank to mix it up. Lucas also makes some fine products including a upper lubricant, same as their fuel injector cleaner if you want a mild extra cleanser over time. You can get many tanks of additives from just one Lucas bottle. Be sure to use as instructed.

    Once you have added the additive to the tank, driving at highway speeds may help clean the injectors and combustion chamber faster. Heavy acceleration a few times when driving slow will also helps clean the injectors.

    If you have Michelin tires you might try 40 psi cold, measured at night. I would suggest 37 for other brands. I'm also found in the toyotanation.com/ "camry-hybrid" forms.

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    I recently had to replace

    I recently had to replace the hybrid battery in my 07 Camry. it has 101k miles on it and it cost over 5200.00 USD to get a new one. it took over a month to arrive at the Toyota dealership and then I had to pay them to install it separately. It's not worth it in my opinion after the premium price you pay for the hybrid the price for the battery is very high.

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    I was recommended this blog

    I was recommended this blog by my cousin. I'm not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my trouble. You're incredible!

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