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    No one can really tell you

    No one can really tell you when or how long a battery will last. Yes it might last into the 2-3 hundred thousand miles, but as we all know S%^T happens. I know I can't take a $ 2000-3000 hit.
    I suspect most of us are more worried about the price of gas and saving money than we are about the green of these cars. I try to be as green as I can but am still worried about the chance that I will have to all of a sudden have to replace one of these.
    I have decided to buy another Mercedes Diesel. My brother regularly gets over 40 mpg in his Blue-Tec if he keeps his foot out of the over 400 Ft Lbs of torque that car has. And no battery to worry about.

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    I bought Toyota camry Hybrid

    I bought Toyota camry Hybrid 2007, I can't deny the worth value of this powerful & luxurus vehicle, the only thing is i smell some oddors like acid (auwfull smell) from inside specially when i go hard on car & speed up?? any body can advice reason & how to solve?

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    MY CAMRY 2007 after 3 1/2

    MY CAMRY 2007 after 3 1/2 year 150.000km , I ASK about batteries , Toyota say you need replace batteries after 5 years not for km now 4 year 1/2 166000 km . if batrries dead maybe still working with gaz but i am not sure . I drive on HW everyday

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    Was at the Toyota dealer in

    Was at the Toyota dealer in San Juan Capistrano today and asked the parts dept about the cost of the replacement battery and he quoted over $5000 with labor to install it at $102 per hour. This car has 133,000 miles and is still running great averaging about 34 mpg.

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    On the inside of the hood of

    On the inside of the hood of the car is some rubber trim that tends to fall off, and then melt on the engine, causing bad smells. Not to difficult to fix, just look at your engine and see if it has any melted rubber on it.

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    If the power train battery

    If the power train battery is dead the car will not start, or run. The engine is started by the generator powered from the power train battery.

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    I purchased a 2008 Camry

    I purchased a 2008 Camry Hybrid brand new and I still own this vehicle. I had honda, Hyundai, Cadilac, Chevy, Acura, I have owned many other vehicles and the camry is the only car I have ever kept this long. I have had no problems with it! The only thing I do is recommended maintance. I now have 90K on my car! I average about 36mpg in winter months, and 38 to 40 in Summer months. My brakes are still at 85 to 95 % left for wear! I do clean and lube my brakes every 20K or once a year. This car is very comfortable and a smooth ride, quiet, and handles well in winter with the technology that is offered with the stearing assist. Toyota is the one with the technology of hybrids who came out with it first and have sold old technology to other manufactors once they have updated the technology. I will buy another Camry Hybrid 2012 or 2013.

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    I want to know about battery

    I want to know about battery habrid cost now for camry 2008. becuase i don't know about it. ple you can tell real cost in cambodia.

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    I own a camry hybrid 2007, i

    I own a camry hybrid 2007, i drove it 12300 miles. Anyone who can advise or know what if i change my current hybrid battery to 2010 hybrid battery. is it different or not between hybrid battery 2007 and 2010?

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    I've owned a Camry hybrid

    I've owned a Camry hybrid for over 4 years now and find that there some savings on fuel costs. However in winter, I find that with the heater on, it greatly reduces the hybrid benefit as the engine is constantly running to keep the interior warm. Also, when driving the hybrid on short trips to the store, the gas engine must warm up and the hybrid offers no benefit in these cases. So far I've had no issue with the hybrid components however I'm concerned that it I have an electronic component failure outside of warranty, the cost of repairs could be so high that it will be better to scrap the car rather than fix it. Of course, the failure of a transmission with 2 electric motors could run thousands of dollars to replace if it fails outside of warranty. I would like to see manufacturers who are spouting out how good they are, stand behind these vehicles with much better and much longer warranties.

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