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    Honda Insight-No 1 In Sales...

    Honda's Insight was Japan's best-selling vehicle in April 2008. Sales of the Insight totaled 10,481 cars. The 1.89 million yen price (approximately $18,900.00) combined with saving the planet, money on gasoline, and money on taxes helped to make the Insight the first hybrid car in Japan to rank at No. 1 in monthly sales.

    Koji and Emiko Suzuki had wanted a Prius from Toyota for some years, but they just didn't want to spend that much money on a car. Koji was concerned about the sinking economy reducing his income and Emiko made very little working the cash register at Save On, the convenience store near their small home. When they went to their local Honda dealers, they were actually thinking about buying a smaller car.



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    In the Consumer Reports I

    In the Consumer Reports I received today, they have a very down beat evaluation of the Insight. Handling and ride are not good, and power is lacking. It is hard to get into without wacking one's head.
    Back seat legroom is given as 26". There ought to be a law against putting a back seat in a vehicle with less than 36" of legroom and 36" of head room, IMHO.

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