I have a 2005 HAH with 127K miles. I brought it to the dealer because the Speed Sensor failed and transmission made noises while in 3rd gear.

The speed sensor caused the dash to lighjt up - disabled power steering, traction control, speedo, odometer, and caused the tranny to not shit past 3rd gear.

Repairs are going to be about $4000 for the speed sensor and replace the tranny with a Honda refurb.

Although I am 27k past my warranty I complained to Honda America about what I felt was a premature transmission failure, they decide they would not provide any assistance in repairs (I was hoping for some help with the $4000 bill.)

After many calls they told me that they would not provide any assistance in the repair and stated that at 127,000 miles I got a good life out of the tranny.

This last statement really surprised me as I thought Honda was proud of the longevity of their vehicles! The manager (Dawn) at Honda America basically told me that I shouldn't have expected any longer life.

I also have a '89 Accord with 310K miles and a friend with a '92 Accord with 450K miles. I suppose the days of Honda reliability are gone :-(

Given I drive 100 miles a day (mostly highway) I think I need to consider my next auto purchase as a disposable car - something very inexpensive. I had hoped that I could get more than 4.5 years of reliable use out of a $33K Accord.