I'm now driving my Tesla Roadster.
Good bye gas stations, good bye pathetic performing ICE vehicles.
I'm living the future and it is great!
Now my personal emphasis will shift to pushing for lower priced EVs.
Tesla plans to roll out their Model S on March 26th. This $60K mid-sized sports sedan should take a bite out of the BMW, Audi, MBZ business so that they continue to march toward a really affordable EV (code name Blue Star). Unfortunately, my war chest is pretty well spent on the Roadster so I ask whomever of you can afford it to seriously consider supporting this car. If the Roadster is any indication, you won't be disappointed. There is still the risk that Tesla's president and CEO Elon Musk may destroy the company from within but their output has certainly met the last challenge.
The latest word from Tesla is that Roadsters are being produced at 20 per week, they have delivered over 200 cars, and they have over 1000 customers with heavy deposits down.