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    hybrids in the hov

    Hi - I am working on an article about hybrid owners who fit any one of the following descriptions:

    You use your hybrid to drive solo in the HOV lane

    You want to do that but your state doesn't allow it

    When you purchased your hybrid - you did it with HOV driving in mind

    You disapprove of the concept of driving solo in the HOV even with a hybrid

    If you are willing to be interviewed - please contact me at [email protected]

    --- I'm also looking to make a list of which states allow it and which don't.. so if you have that handy info please post it here--

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    Hi, We are a group of

    We are a group of students from Imperial College in London and as part of our MSc in Environmental Technology, we are studying the comparative influence of several groups of parameters on car-buyers' behaviour. We would be very pleased to collect answers from car owners and especially hybrid cars owners in order to draw relevant conclusions from our statistical analysis.
    By filling in this survey, you will enable us to collect valuable data for our research. Of course all these data will remain strictly confidential and anonymous, and will not be diffused to anyone outside the academic staff at Imperial College.
    here is the link to our questionnaire, it should not take you more than 4-5 minutes to fill it in:
    Thank you very much for your time.

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