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    Hello..I Have A Honda Civic

    Hello..I Have A Honda Civic 2004,,,,Always The IMA Light On Display,,But No Problem In Breaks,,,or Another Part,,only IMA Light,,,Please Advice ME If I need Restart Or New Programming....And Please Advice Me IF The IMA same Battery?

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    I have a 2004 HCH with

    I have a 2004 HCH with 114,000 miles and just experienced a similar situation. I recently was left stranded with a 12v Dead battery and had to get a new 12v battery. A few weeks after getting the new battery My ima and check engine light went on and i took it in to the dealer. the dealer did a software update under warranty. then two weeks later ima and check engine light went on and dealer told me I need to buy $3000+ ima battery. Battery not under warranty. thanks but no thanks. Whats weird is the ima system was working normal. Just the annoying ima warning lights on. Then a week later the abs light goes on. Next day dead 12v battery and car won't start. Taking things in my own hands and after contacting a Honda mechanic friend I was told to buy a new 12v battery. Connect it and then reset the MCM by pulling the #9 10amp fuse for 60 sec. The ima battery is then reset to zero. Then in park rev engine at 4000 rpm until battery is full ( took about 5 min). Once full then let engine idle for 10min so it can relearn.
    Problem solved in a matter of 15 min and cost of new 12v battery.
    So far my HCH is running good and all my warning lights are gone.
    Crossing my fingers that the MCM reset holds.

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    FYI - UPDATE Deja VU all


    Deja VU all over again. Check engine light and IMA warning light came on again my my 2004 HCH after one week from resetting the MCM. Suspect I have the AC Compressor Clucth relay short issue like others are experiencing. I am going to try a solar cell car charger to see if it keeps the issue at bay - by charging the car while parked at work during the day. obviously can't do anything about charging it at night short of plugging into a wall socket. wish me luck. would rather not have to pay a lot of money to fix ac compressor relay.

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    Thanks...worked like a

    Thanks...worked like a charm. Funny thing, before finding your post I contacted the dealer...they wanted me to tow it to them and they would take care of it. Thank You!

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    I bought used 2010 Honda

    I bought used 2010 Honda insight hybrid after driving 1 month ima light on took to Honda they said ima battery gone .is done 8000 miles .is there any one can help about this matter thanks

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    2005 HCH. IMA LIGHT. ABS


    Had the replacement battery from Wal-Mart start to go bad after 2 years causing the hybrid battery strength bar to go wonky and IMA light ABS and brake light would come on. Then the car would be dead in the morning for no reason. Replaced battery because this happened when the factory battery went bad.

    Car was fine again but only for about a month.

    Came out the crank it and dead as a doornail. Thought my kid left a dome light on or something so I did not think much about it. Well it happened again and then again at 5 AM this morning. I hooked up jumper cables and heard a CLING but didn't relate it at first. Drove to work and parked it then began to research this issue and found these forums. I went back out to the car and looked at the A/C clutch but could not see if it was engaged. Opened the relay center and found the A/C relay marked with a snowflake. I tapped the relay with my flashlight and i heard CLING from the clutch. I too seem to have a bad relay

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    I will perform the repair

    I will perform the repair and report results. I want to thank you guys above for posting what you have.

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    i have a use abs for sale.

    i have a use abs for sale. $650

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    Replacing the defective A/C

    Replacing the defective A/C clutch relay resolved all my issues. No lights or trouble codes.

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    I have new issues now. Same

    I have new issues now. Same IMA and check engine light but now the A/C clutch seems to be kicking off while driving. The inside of the car gets warmer. I have tried turning the system I can get it to engauge. I have turned the car completely off at a light. The only way I can seem to get the A/C to kick back on when it stops cooling is to go Wide Open Throttle for 5-10 seconds.

    Also I have noticed I thought the batteries were just screwed and couldn't supply the power needed. The charge indicator has been going from full or 3/4 to almost nothing ot nothing at all. At times the IMA does not seem to kick in. Then I decided to test to see if it was the A/C. Well, I accelerate and when it shutters I hit the A/C button and it seems to stop shuttering. When I scan the codes then clear them then the batteries charge and the IMA seems to work.

    I looked for a WOT relay and did not find one. The A/C relay from Orielly's is getting very hot and could be the problem. I checked with them again and there are like 4 or 5 different ones they can get from $12 to $70.

    I am waiting for it too cool off around here so I can try to figure it out. Right now I have no idea what to do.

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