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    I have a 2003 Civic Hybrid,

    I have a 2003 Civic Hybrid, at 70 000 km CVT transmission was replaced under warranty, at 110 000 km IMA Battery replaced too under extended warranty, 12 V battery 6 months old, have a problem, after few days without use, both battery are drained, now I have to buy a new 12 V battery for sure as they can't handle the deep depletion ... would be nice to find out what is the cause before the IMA battery will die too Hybrid technology is nice when works, but too complicated with tons of chance for fault, wouldn't buy again.

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    Well I have just had the same problem. EPS, Battery light, Check engine light *and* IMA light on all at once. Now I am waiting for the roadside assistance guy to come and help me out. I sincerely hope it is a battery issue!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;130080
    I have a 2004 HCH with 114,000 miles and just experienced a similar situation. I recently was left stranded with a 12v Dead battery and had to get a new 12v battery. A few weeks after getting the new battery My ima and check engine light went on and i took it in to the dealer. the dealer did a software update under warranty. then two weeks later ima and check engine light went on and dealer told me I need to buy $3000+ ima battery. Battery not under warranty. thanks but no thanks. Whats weird is the ima system was working normal. Just the annoying ima warning lights on. Then a week later the abs light goes on. Next day dead 12v battery and car won't start. Taking things in my own hands and after contacting a Honda mechanic friend I was told to buy a new 12v battery. Connect it and then reset the MCM by pulling the #9 10amp fuse for 60 sec. The ima battery is then reset to zero. Then in park rev engine at 4000 rpm until battery is full ( took about 5 min). Once full then let engine idle for 10min so it can relearn.
    Problem solved in a matter of 15 min and cost of new 12v battery.
    So far my HCH is running good and all my warning lights are gone.
    Crossing my fingers that the MCM reset holds.

    Looks like someone here has some knowledge and wisdom to share. Thanks.

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    2003 HCH batttery/ IMA issue

    Car stopped yesterday and would not start. The battery light had been on for 2-3 days. One month ago, I replaced the AC compressor. After reading here, I called AAA and they came and checked my battery. It was very low. Not enough to turn the engine but enough to turn dashboard on. AAA replaced my 12V battery. 6 year warranty. Back in 2011, I replaced the IMA Battery but Honda today wants $3000.

    New 12V battery cleared all IMA codes. And it runs amazingly. I am not sure if the battery will drain, but I have 6 years for AAA to replace this battery and hopefully get 200,000 miles on it. It is currently 119K.
    Thanks forum!!

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