Hey what's up? I'm Paul and I work for MWKS - we're currently partnered with Nissan to spread the word about the North American debut of the Nissan Cube. We're providing people with the opportunity to see the car before it hits dealerships in 2009 through these first-look photos. I've included the brand new pics below, and feel free to use or share them however you'd like. I tried contacting some mods here to make sure it's alright to share this material with you guys, but never heard back, so hope it's cool with you guys.

We're excited about the arrival of this new fuel-efficient compact car. You can see more official pictures and a teaser vid at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Nissan...7996866?ref=ts or visit NissanUSA.com/cube if you're into it.

So what are your first-impression thoughts of the car?