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    Oh I forgot to tell you also

    Oh I forgot to tell you also that you should listen to ex-evi-driver since he knows what he is talking about. I don't know that much about wind power alternatore

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    I thought about this idea 2

    I thought about this idea 2 years ago, why not use a hole beside radiator that directs air while car is moving through a series of tubes, similar to the dyson vacum, that creates an increase of wind speed to turn the turbine to charge batteries. If this works the (engine power plant as with the volt) overall size and gas tank size could be smaller and overall weight of the car. the wind would pass thru tubes and could be exausted across batteries to keep them cool.

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    Ahaa, its good

    Ahaa, its good ԁiscussiοn аbout this paragraph here at this blog,
    I hаve reаd all thаt, so nοw mе also commеntіng at thіs ρlace.

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    I don't understand why such

    I don't understand why such a simple concept seems to be so difficult? I know they have portable "crank" radios for remote areas and for camping. These manual crank radios store energy to the battery for extended use. So what if you were to use small fans that are attached to the front grill area that spin to create the same effect? The fans could be wired to an altenator which then sends current to the batteries.

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    I originally thought a wind

    I originally thought a wind powered alternator/ generator would violate laws of physics, but there are so many variables I think it could actually work up to a point. As some pointed out , deploy the turbine while braking, or how about driving down hill? You have gravity lessening the load on the motor. I think probably you could just leave it run all the time, you won't get perpetual energy, but it could help the car become more efficient at high speeds. Smokey Yunick ran a wind driven alternator on a race car, powered the spark to the gas engine long enough for a race, the trade off from the power loss of a belt driven alternator made it worth while, until NASCAR wrote a rule against it

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