// Diesel Smart Car?
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    Diesel Smart Car?

    Do they make a diesel smart car? Seems like a diesel engine could be a good way to get more mileage out of the car.

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    They do, but it's not sold

    They do, but it's not sold in the US because of emissions regulations. It was available in Canada a few years ago, but again new emissions laws killed it; now they only get the same gas engine Stupid ForTwo that we get.

    The Canadian-issue diesels cannot be imported to the US

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    I myself am very interested

    I myself am very interested in a diesel smart as well. Discussions around the web mention diesel smarts with Mercedesí Bluetec technology called the smart CDI operating in Europe and elsewhere. I keep salivating watching YouTube videos of people driving and enjoying their CDI smarts. I also understand we won't get these in 2009 in the US, so maybe they can make it in 2010. Fingers crossed.

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