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    Raw materials shortage

    There is an impeding shortage of many rare materials used in the manufacture of hybrid cars .For example the rare earth element dysprosium is required to fabricate many of the advanced electric motors and battery systems in hybrid propulsion systems .

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    Do you have any facts to

    Do you have any facts to back this up? I have only heard contrary evidence about this.
    The materials used in electric motors and batteries are generally quite plentiful.

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    Considering the number of

    Considering the number of electric motors in the world today, I find this hard to believe. If it is true then we need to establish an immediate reclamation project to gather and recycle these materials for future need. Simple solution to a pressing problem if this is the factual case.

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    Actually, the key is in the

    Actually, the key is in the "advanced" electric motors. The newer systems, like the Prius, make use of 'rare earths', which are...well...rare. Terbium is used in fuel cells, Lanthanum in Prius batteries, some of the ,like dysprosium, in ceramic magnets for lighter electric motors.

    China currently supplies 90% or more of these rare earths, but they use almost half the world's supply, and demand is forecast to increase by something like 100% per year.

    China is tightening exports to keep what they have, raising prices, and also using their monopoly as a global economic weapon.

    Meanwhile, India has some rare earths, recycling efforts can be done, and work goes on looking for other alternatives, but less advanced electric motors used Ferrite magnets, not rare earths, so not every electric motor is a rare earth resource.

    To compound the issue, something not noted here is that lithium, of lithium-ion battery fame, is also rising in demand and falling in supply....

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