// Stick-Shift Versus Automatic
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    Stick-Shift Versus Automatic

    What are some advantages and disadvantages when it comes to driving stick shift? What implications are there for saving gas? How about the initial purchase price. Anything else related to stick-shift cars is welcome.

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    A real electric car doesn't

    A real electric car doesn't need a transmission (stick or automatic).
    The transmission is going to go the way of the crank start, the manual choke, and the double-clutch.

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    Interesting question. Here

    Interesting question. Here are some of my thoughts:

    - More fuel efficient than any automatic (including CVT and automated manuals), just on a mechanical level
    - Allows for more control of the car, which can lead to even greater fuel economy.
    - Cheaper to purchase, say ~$1000 (I'm sure depends on the automatic model in question)
    - Cheaper to maintain (fluids, etc).
    - Usual more durable (again depends on the model).
    - Some of my personal opinions:
    * Keeps driver more involved with driving, resulting in a more attentive driver.
    * Much more fun

    - Normally requires two working legs and arms
    - Can't talk on the phone, eat, channel surf, AND drive (at least not without a head set or some fancy juggling tricks).
    - Requires a bit more thought, effort, and attention to driving (oh how horrible!!)

    Obviously I'm bias to stick-shift cars. And before somebody points out about a stick-shift being a pain in big city driving, let me mention all the taxis in Paris that are stick-shift cars, and they seem to have no trouble whatsoever (and I rode in one). Traffic is pretty crazy in Paris.
    I really don't understand why so many Americans pick automatics over manuals. But I guess fuel economy hasn't been on the list of desirable features for a long time here....

    The main reason I'm not much of a hybrid fan anymore is the lack of a manual transmission option. I understand it probably does not make sense with Toyota's system, but Honda used to make it available with theirs, and the manual transmission models got better millage than the CVT versions. I'm hoping when the Europeans start making hybrids, perhaps their models will have this option. For now I'll drive a VW diesel with a 5 speed manual. The only way I'll give up my manual is for a car that completely lacks a transmission at all. No autotragics for me!

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    Why not try the new WV with

    Why not try the new WV with the DSG? Excellent performance and less consumption than manual!

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    Dom I completely agree. I

    Dom I completely agree. I drive a Honda 5 speed and the only way I would give it up is if their is a hybrid with a shift. I have always had manual cars mainly because they're a lot more fun and also because automatic's are flat out boring. Like you say, less control over the car.

    A lot of people don't realize how valuable learning how to drive a manual is. If you go overseas and want to rent a car, the stick is the norm and if you opt for an automatic, you will most definitely feel it in your wallet.


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    I have a 2004 Honda civic

    I have a 2004 Honda civic hybrid with a stick with 100k miles on it. It is really nothing to look at but the stick shift is what makes it tolerable to drive. Took it on an 800 mile trip and it got 52 mpg. Always get at least 41 in the city. I won't buy another hybrid until I find a stick.

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    Stick shift gets definitely

    Stick shift gets definitely better gas mileage. It is also cheaper to maintain and less worrisome. The auto industry is more concerned about profit above all. Consumers need to be more aware. It seems that price/value don't always push then in the right directions. I am looking to buy a mazda5 stick but everything almost say I should be buying the honda odyssey...reviews that is. Odyssey get good mileage but only for the very top model 40K, which come with a six speed automatic. Mazda 5 only has a 5 speed auto, but for $800 less you can get a 6 speed maunal, which i am sure will do as well as honda 6 speed auto.

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