// Stick Shift Saves On Gas Right?
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    Stick Shift Saves On Gas Right?

    Driving a stick shift supposedly saves on gas, right?
    Provided the driver drives without any engine abuse.

    I drive a stick shift Toyota Corolla 2008, sports edition

    I tried driving 'normal' and 'different'

    'different' is when you drive at speed limits, keep the car in neutral when at higher speeds (easily done with stick shift cars) and do not rev up the engine too much in between gears.

    I saved close to 15% on a full tank of gas!

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    How stick shifts save gas

    I think there are two major ways that stick shifts save gas:
    1. The car weighs less because there's no automatic transmission system
    2. If you know how to use it correctly, you'll shift exactly when you need to - but an automatic system can't account for the road ahead so sometimes shifts unnecessarily or just before you're going to accelerate, etc

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