// Best Hybrid you've ever had.
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    Best Hybrid you've ever had.

    What's the best hybrid car that you've purchased?.

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    The Honda Civic Hybrid is

    The Honda Civic Hybrid is great for features and handling. My one complaint is that I expected slight better mileage: I'm only seeing and average 37 mpg in city driving, which is all I do. Anyone out there getting better mileage in the Civic Hybrid. I have a 2009 model with GPS.

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    i have a 2011 ford fusion

    i have a 2011 ford fusion hybryd and i love it it gets way more milage then my old 2007 toyota highlander hybryd so get a ford fusion hybryd. my car has a gps and leather seats. my wife also has a ford hybryd hers is a 2011 ford ecape hybryd limited its loded and super nice both cars get 40mpg. So glenn trade in your piece of crap for a nice ford .

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    Most people seem to still be

    Most people seem to still be ignorant about the benefits of hybrid cars; many of these people may simply be citing misconceptions which seem to litter the internet. This however will change with proof of concept when more and more people start to drive electric cars. For now, one of the biggest drawbacks is lack of availability.

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