Kind of an odd question so I didn't know where to post this but...

I was fortunate enough to have won a 2008 Toyota Prius. Base model. Awesome!

I don't have the car in hand yet and I'm trying to make plans on what route to take. Here the facts and questions for you all. I'm in IL. The Prius doesn't fit my lifestyle (need a larger car) so I will definitely not be able to keep it. I'd like your thoughts/opinions please...

--I'm going to try to work with the dealership to have them buy the car. Knowing that they are going to try to lowball me, about how much do you think they'd offer? I'm paying destination, registration, title, etc (if I have to buy it and sell it back). It would technically be a used car at that point but because of the demand, they could still make quite a bit of money on the deal.

--I'm contacting CarMax to see how much they'd give me.

--I'll consider a private party sale if the dealer route doesn't work to my satisfaction. How much do you think a 2008 used Prius with about 20 miles on it would go for?

Any insights are appreciated!