// Tesla Roadster really in production
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    Tesla Roadster really in production

    The Tesla Roadster is clearly no longer just a concept but is fully in
    production as shown in this video by the owner of Tesla Roadster #16:

    Now, there is an automobile available that does not rely on
    petroleum. The Prius is a poor performing gas guzzler compared to
    this thing.
    Now let the market respond and the price of batteries go down.

    Before people slam the high cost of this eco-machine, they should think about the fact that Tesla intends to make affordable cars, however, for a startup company, they need to start with a car that can make them money with little initial investment. Tesla plans to come out with their Whitestar 5-seat sedan in a couple of years for around $50K - $60K. Then, to really save the planet, the plan to come out with an economical sedan, code named "Bluestar" which will truly be affordable by the masses.

    With the Roadster in production, Tesla will have the attention of the battery industry and will be able to drive the prices down to make pure EVs affordable.

    "ex-EV1 and future-Tesla driver"

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    While there doesn't seem to

    While there doesn't seem to be much interest in the Tesla on this site (understandable because of the price), I'll work on posting updates anyway. I believe that history will show that the Tesla Roadster is the catalyst and the spark that is starting our civilization on a path to fossil fuel independence.
    Tesla has announced that they have delivered 27 Roadsters now and their production line is up to 10 per week. See their latest press report at:

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    This is a great car! Very

    This is a great car! Very sporty styling, all electric, and awesome eye candy. I love this car. If you compare the cost to what you would save in gas.... Why wouldn't anyone consider a car like this?

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    Actually, you can't justify

    Actually, you can't justify this car based on today's costs. The car starts at $109K today. You can buy a lot of $5.00 gasoline at this price.
    This car is just an opportunity to start the market for plug-in vehicles by a small startup company because the major car companies keep refusing to do it themselves.
    Future Tesla cars will be cheaper and more practical as they get their costs down through mass production. Tesla is also forcing the major automakers to follow them and do the right thing as well.
    It sure will be fun saving gas even if it doesn't save money immediately.

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    mdensch, You may be right

    You may be right but lets hope not since our future depends on something new coming from a US automaker.
    Here's an update on Tesla:
    A friend of mine picked up the 60th Tesla Roadster a couple of weeks ago and another friend has #47.
    I got to drive a Roadster recently and was actually able to really cut it loose. One cannot describe the performance of this eco car but it blows away any performance vehicle you can name while consuming less energy than any econobox you can name either.
    Ok, Ok, maybe it consumes about the same amount of energy as a Prius the way I was driving it but in normal driving it consumes much less than 1/3 of the energy of a Prius.

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