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    Manual Transmission

    I would like to see a car maker build a hybrid or purely electric vehicle that has a shifter & a clutch. I have tried driving an automatic, it doesn't work with me. I am the exact opposite to most people: I do not drive automatic & don't want to learn. I press the breaks instead of shifting, it's just not working.
    When gas vehicles were the only option, manual transmission was the best way to save on gas. Nobody cared then about making less emissions by driving a standard. Now with the hybrids, I am left behind when it comes to doing something good for the planet with a vehicle.

    If anyone knows of any hybrid or non-fuel vehicles that have a clutch and shifter, or even if this is even feasable, I would like to know.

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    The Honda Civic Hybrid MT ,

    The Honda Civic Hybrid MT , is a hybrid wiht 5 speed manual transmission :

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    We've got the HCHm5 since my

    We've got the HCHm5 since my wife insists on driving manual transmissions. Unfortunately, there are no manual tranny hybrids still in production though.
    Actually, the CVT transmission that is in most hybrids is actually nearly as efficient as a well driven manual and more efficient than a poorly driven manual tranny.
    I doubt that we'll ever see another manual tranny on a hybrid since they just don't make sense (my wife hates it when I say this). Eventually, we'll see hybrids that just get rid of the transmission altogether (Chevy Volt) since an electric motor has great torque across the entire speed range from zero to redline (the VPs of Powertrains at all the major car companies hate it when I say this).
    Its the future, we've just got to accept the changes.

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    I belive the Honda Insight

    I belive the Honda Insight also had a manual option on it though too.......

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    I prefer Manual

    I prefer Manual transmissions myself. It's a hell of a lot safer/easier to drive than an automatic in the snow, ice, etc. The new BMW TCS systems come pretty close. However they still lack the same control and feedback that a stick shift gives you.

    The 5 speed manual transmissions are lighter, cheaper, and still get better gas mileage than all of the automatic hybrid equivalents out there. Same thing goes on the diesel side.

    I like the manual myself, and I'm waiting till someone listens and gives me a hybrid with one.

    The only time I want or will be willing to drive an automatic is when the HP of the car exceeds 250hp. Even then, I find the stick shift a bit easier to control and usually get 2-5 mpg better out of the stick shift than the automatic both on the highway and in town.

    I drive over 30k a year and I have driven over 30 cars at least 5k or more. So I have a good background to deal with when it comes to driving experiences.

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    it's ok, you DO have a

    it's ok, you DO have a choice!!

    The VW Jetta Sportwagoin TDi is available with a regular manual transmission

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    Honda CR-Z is a beautiful

    Honda CR-Z is a beautiful car.

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    I hate automatic

    I hate automatic transmission. They are for people who hate the driving experience of a real automobile. Anything is possible, a manual transmission could be mated to an electric vehicle. I do know that the Honda CR-Z is a hybrid vehicle that incorporates the manual transmission.

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    I’m with your wife on

    I’m with your wife on this; I enjoy driving a manual transmission and have been looking for a Suv that would give me both…..can’t seem to find one. At one time Honda made a hybrid manual (my girl friend who also enjoys manual Trans owns one) I guess for some reason they stopped making them …. Why do you think they did that????? As you pointed out "Eventually”, hybrids will be what the manufactures will be offing us and then the electric car. For now gas, prices are still rising and the technology is here to have both why not use it, makes sense to me.

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    Transmissions (manual,

    Transmissions (manual, automatic, or CVT) are unnecessary on purely electric vehicles because an electric motor produces torque at any RPM and can spin at very high RPMs without redlining. The early Honda Insights were essentially gas vehicles with an electric motor assist that kicked on during acceleration. They were available with manual and CVT transmissions. I think modern hybrids tend to hunt back and forth between gas and electric power, at times running entirely on one, at times entirely on the other, and at times on both. They are usually equipped with CVTs but I doubt a manual transmission would make sense in them. Example: in a regular car you need to push the clutch in when you come to a stop or else you will stall the motor. When the Prius is moving at driveway speeds it is running off its electric motor, which can run at arbitrarily low RPMs, stop, & restart at will. No need to push a clutch in. So what would you do, engage your manual transmission as soon as the car decided to switch to gas power? Seems kind of awkward.
    I don't know whether there are any hybrids still available with manual transmissions. As we move more and more toward electric vehicles powered by batteries or fuel cells we're going to see fewer and fewer transmissions of any kind. (Notice how ocean ships don't usually have sails anymore? Same idea.) I would consider Mini Coopers, all-gas Civics, and Toyota Scions if you want stick shift but still want some gas efficiency. Their lower cost both of purchasing and servicing may well offset the gas you save driving a hybrid, and these days small all-gas cars frequently produce very low emissions. I myself drive a Toyota Matrix and up to now have been content with getting 10mpg less than a Prius in exchange for a comparatively inexpensive car with a manual transmission. If you can't enjoy life a little, why live?

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