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    first post

    Wow, can't believe no one has posted yet. LOL

    Can't wait to see the 2010 models.

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    Considering the kind of

    Considering the kind of mileage the Fit gets now, I'm looking forward to see what the hybrid version gets rated. By the time this comes out I'll be looking to trade in my Civic hybrid...

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    Does anyone know how to get

    Does anyone know how to get on a wait list for the CRZ or hybrid Fit (now the new Insight) in TEXAS???

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    Any information on when

    Any information on when exactly will this Fit will be at showrooms? and pictures of it maybe. A hybrid of this can surely help my pocket. It will surely improve fuel economy.

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    I have seen 4 of these Honda

    I have seen 4 of these Honda Fits in my town, a few local bankers own them. They really caught my eye. They have real appeal and the mileage, wow!

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    since on this forum doesn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t have New Member Introduction section, i pleased to introduce myself ;

    I am Jordi from Singapore.

    Thank you

    Honda car Blog : http://www.hargakredithonda.com/
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    It's true, i haven't find introduction section-that' s why i write here. Hi everyone, i'm Natali and i have Honda Civic 4D.

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