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    Changing wheel size and fuel economy??

    I am interested in changing my wheelset to a 17" wheel size. The TCH comes standard with 16" wheels. If I go to a larger wheel, will this effect my fuel economy?

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    This depends. If you get

    This depends. If you get larger tires, you would normally get lower profile (smaller sidewall) tires so that the tire and wheel combination are the same circumference. If you get larger wheels and then keep the same profile aspect for the tires you run the risk of rubbing the tire in the wheel or making the drive train work harder to turn a bigger wheel and tire combination. You might also have a problem with accuracy of your odometer since it is usually calculated for "stock" tire and wheel circumferences.

    The best thing to improve fuel economy is to keep your tires filled at the high end of the recommended pressure range.

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