// Can Toyota Service the NAH?
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    Can Toyota Service the NAH?

    I saw on one of the forums where someone mentioned taking the NAH to a Toyota dealer in the event you live somewhere where the NAH is not sold. I live in FL, where the NAH is not sold. I know the NAH is similar in technology, so could I safely service the vehicle with Toyota? I own a 2006 Altima and my lease is up in the next few months.

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    If I were you Alexis, I

    If I were you Alexis, I would pick up the phone and call. That's the only way you can get answers for your particular case. I would first call the service department for every Nissan dealership around you...be prepared to go to places maybe 30 miles away and just simply ask if they have a hybrid certified mechanic.

    And then if that doesn't go well, I would call the local Toyota service departments and ask if they can service an Altima Hybrid

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