// Attempt to purchase Altima hybrid in WA state
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    Attempt to purchase Altima hybrid in WA state

    I live in Washington state, and I've been looking into the possiblity of purchasing a the Altima Hybrid. I've looked at the reviews for it and other options that are currently available in my state and feel that it is the Alitma Hybrid is the one that best suits me and my needs.

    I've contacted several local dealerships inquiring about it, for the most part I've been unsuccessful at finding one that can acquire an '08 (a used '07 is a possibility but I would opt for the current model year vehicle). Of the 3 I contacted, two of them have been dead ends and I am still waiting to hear back from the 3rd. From what I've heard from the other two dealerships, the outlook is not good for the third one. I am wonder what my next option(s) is in the event that the local dealership I am still wating to here from replies 'no'.

    I have considered the possibility of purchasing the vehicle from northern california dealship (Redding most likely) then making the long trip down there to drive it up. This has it's share of logistics, concerns and additional costs involved.

    If anyone has attempted to do something like this or similar, I would appreciate the input and advice on how to purchase a new vehicle out of state and how to deal w/ the logistics of transportation or pickup. Thanks.

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    Please try Tonkin Nissan in

    Please try Tonkin Nissan in Wilsonville, OR. Ask for Kevin Mathes, their internet manager. We bought 2 Hybrids from them. As of last weekend, they had 1 left, but that was the tech package, so more expensive. Tell him that Rick sent you, the one who got the 2 hybrids.

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    I live in Oregon and bought

    I live in Oregon and bought a new 2008 from Nissan of Elk Grove in late March 2008. Dealers here wanted MSRP and $2000 to ship the car. I paid $29500 for a fully loaded 2008 w/technology package and sunroof. Found a car shipper online that shipped the car for $700. Very happy with the way everything worked out. Buying a car from a dealer 600 miles away was a snap. Was my easiest car purchase ever.

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