Hi. It's getting about that time for me to buy a new car, my first car that will be all my own, and I'm thinking of a hybrid suv. However, I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota and as everyone knows, it gets COLD up here in the winter. We're talking -20's, sometimes windchills in the -40's. I live in an apartment with no garage so I'm parked in a lot. Even if I had a garage, I drive to an open air lot (less than 2 miles away) and get on the bus to go to work every day. My car is there, out in the cold, for sometimes 10-12 hours a day.

I've heard rumblings that the batteries on hybrids don't do well in cold weather. Is this true? Am I better off buying a conventional, gas engine vehicle until I at least have a heated garage or move to a warmer state?

Thanks for any help and advice!