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    Corporate Accounts for Hybrid Rentals

    I am wondering if anyone has hear of or had any success in negotiating a corporate rental agreement from hybrid rental vehicles with any of the major rental agencies (ERAC, Hertz, Avis, Budget..). My company, Triage Consulting Group is interested in switching to utilizing only GREEN vehicles during our travels within the next year, but my attempts to negotiate a discounted rate on hybrid vehicles with Hertz have failed thus far. They admit that they have the fleet size now to support such an endeavor but are reluctant to negotiate any sort of a discount on hybrids even with a guarenteed volume of business.

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    Yes, there is availability

    Yes, there is availability for corporate deals. Check out www.hybrid-rental-car.com/about for information. That said, I think your best bet is though Enterprise.

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    I am doing research on this

    I am doing research on this very subject for business plan. I know there are several rental companies bringing hybrids in to their fleet, but would businesses rather deal with a fleet company that exclusively rents/leases hybrids?

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