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    Hey everyone, I'm seriously

    Hey everyone,
    I'm seriously thinking about getting an Altima Hybrid
    the one i want is the Dark Slate color, with the connection package and a moonroof. the MSRP price is around $30,000 I'm looking to lease and will probably buy in new york, how much do you all think the lease will be? do you think i can get it down to around $280 a month for 36 months? thanks

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    Hi Oren, I don't think

    Hi Oren,

    I don't think you're going to be able to get a lease on that car for $280/mo. unless you're willing to part with many shekels up front. I just leased the exact same configuration: 2008 Altima Hybrid (in Winter Frost, blonde leather interior) with Connection package and moonroof. I got them to price it just below invoice (about $28,000) but really had to shop around for that deal.

    I ended up getting it in New Jersey, near Newark (I live in Westchester County, NY). I'm picking it up on Thursday. By the way, Costco has a great auto buyers' program where they'll connect you with certain dealers who offer a Costco members-only price (usually invoice). This is how I ended up getting the car in New Jersey.

    I got a 36 month lease (at 12,000 miles/year), but when I paid my taxes (about $1070) up front, they cut the lease to 24 months with an option to renew for up to one year (good deal). I put down $2750 on top of the taxes and will pay $355/mo. With Nissan's current lease rates and good credit, every additional $1000 you put down up front can bring the monthly payment down about $25-30.

    I did a lot of comparison shopping and this was by far the best rate offered (many places were suggesting a range of lease payments in the low to mid $400s/mo. for similar money down (!) If you roll tax into the monthly payment it will be even higher. On the other hand if you put down $5000 I bet you could bring your payments to or just below $300.

    Good luck and let me know what you think. And, anyone else out there, your thoughts on these numbers?


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    Hey Jonathan, Thanks for the

    Hey Jonathan,
    Thanks for the fast reply I really appreciate it.
    How much do you all think it would cost for the base Altima Hybrid, with a sunroof? I would get a 36 month lease. Thanks for the input

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    Oren, With the rebates going

    With the rebates going on this month, I would ask for that vehicle at $25,000 non-negotiable and see what they say. Don't forget that you can't get the moonroof as a standalone option without the convenience package which has a retail price of $1,300.

    I'm not an expert at this, but I'm guessing that $25,000 leased over 36 mo. is still going to wind up in the $300s / mo. unless you get an amazing rate and put some money down on top of fees & taxes to get your monthly down to $280. (For what it's worth we priced some Jettas that list at $21,000 and they still ended up with monthly payments of over $300/mo. unless we wanted to pony up more up front).

    Good luck!

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    I am concerned that I may

    I am concerned that I may have service problems when I drive my car to Colorado, Maryland, Illinois, etc. Any comment or experience to relate? Thanks.

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    there should be some

    there should be some dealerships with hybrid mechanics throughout the US. If not, then maybe you would have to talk to Nissan and most likely go to a Toyota dealership

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