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    THC Smart Key and Store alarms

    This I must say is a new one to me. I have a 2008 THC with the smart key. Well, just about every store I go into that has a alarm system at the front door it sets off the alarm. It gets pretty annoying and somewhat embarrassing to have happen just about all the tine. The strange thing is that it just recently started.Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    I have never had it happen.

    I have never had it happen. I own a 2007 THC. Since every THC should probably function on a different frequency, you probably have the unfortunate freq. that triggers every door alarm.

    My personal experience with a dealership and my key fob is that they didn't have any idea how to reprogram the device. After two hours and an exorbitant fee for learning how to do this, they did get it right; though, I didn't have your problem.

    Best of luck my friend. I hope you have already solved your problem.


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